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High traffic areas and floors that take a beating will come out looking like new. Environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques will help take the dirt out and restore the look of your floor.

This is where some work comes in. Put down that scrub brush and call in the experts. Give your floors that fresh and clean look today.

We utilize the most advanced technology to clean and restore your tile and grout back to their original beauty.  Don't use harsh chemicals that may actually damage your floors in the long run.

Let Us Restore Your Tile, Stone And Grout

Tile and grout as well as many other hard surfaces are usually found in areas of your home that experience high traffic and therefore they get dirty much faster. Over time, soil can build up on hard surfaces dulling your tile or stone's appearance and discoloring your grout.  There are stains and buildup in your hard surfaces that simple mopping can't remove.


We utilize the power of our truck mount cleaning system combined with pre-treatment emulsifiers, heat, pressure and vacuum to safely remove the soil that builds up in the porous parts of your tile, stone, and grout.  After a thorough cleaning, we can seal hard surfaces to protect against future staining.  


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